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The Centre for Public Health and Food Safety (CPHFS) is an independent, research-based and advocacy-based multidisciplinary, non-profit national Scientific Society registered by the Government of India under the Delhi Societies Registration Act of 1860. Our organisation, through the successful implementation of the policy and practice, is committed to improving public health and food safety in Indiana empowering education, health, supporting communities and individuals to have a better lifestyle. CPHFS is a network of young business professionals which is set up to collaborate with local efforts to bring about meaningful improvements in the area of public health protection.

The mission of the Centre for Public Health and Food Safety is not only to connect people with science and technology for safe living, but also to work in the fields of nutrition, hunger, population reduction, jobs, human rights and community development, the connected skills development system, adult education and skills development, women and children empowerment, cultural and moral values and environmental enhancements as well.

CPHFS visions to work vigorously on key areas of public health and food safety, calling for changes to improve health and well-being across India across public and private organisations, governments and local authorities. The Centre for Public Health and Food Safety (CPHFS) is committed to publishing high-quality , high-level, creative original work in a broad variety of fields including science, medical science, life sciences, chemistry , physics, environmental science, food science, pharmacy, technology , engineering, education , social science, and humanities, and so on. All the journals are unique in its editorial content, open Double-Blind Peer Review (DBPR) process and supervised by members of the editorial board who are influential researchers / academics / scientists in the field.

It is mainly aims to improve Public Health results in India. Further, offering evidence-informed technical assistance and related analytical information, and by enabling a broad public health and food safety network voice through capacity building for public health professionals. The goal of CPHFS is to incubate programs and social enterprises that tackle important deficiencies in public health and food safety structures and workforce growth. Via market processes, public- private collaborations and the development of educational-training facilities in India, CPHFS achieves sustainability and scope of its projects and social companies.

The Centre for Public Health and Food Safety (CPHFS) plays a key role in improving public health and food safety in India through applied research, practice-based training , and professional service. This Public-Private Partnership (PPP) has been shown to improve the public health program 's efficiency and scope. CPHFS is intended as a lightweight, competent and multi functioning body to provide wide-ranging technical and professional support for the implementation of public health and food & drug safety.

CPHFS is committed to making people in India hear the voice of public health and food safety professionals. Via strategic partnership with public and private organisations, schools, insurance firms, universities and other research institutions , governments, NGOs, Community-based organisations (CBOs) and other national and international trustworthy bodies to work unanimously in different fields. Such as, healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment, human rights and community Development, placement linked Skill Development Programme, Adult Education and Skill Development, women and child empowerment, Promote cultural & moral values, Environment protection and enhancement, Public Health and Food & Drugs Safety implementation.