Our mission is to create an eco-system for Gluten free world. Inculcate and empower consumers to opt for a gluten-free diet with a clear vision in their mind. Focusing upon how certain food products are useful for their health or not. Consumer awareness is one of our key ojectives. We are here to serve you whenever you feel something’s not right, come to us. We’ll provide you a clear vision.


We wish to create a unified group of gluten-free consumers who are well-aware of the shortcomings in the products they consume and how to understand how important it is to be aware. Also, help the consumers take a concrete decision upon what to choose. We are a pool of product you’re looking for!

NGFRC- A trusted national database where consumer's will find the relibale information of Gluten free products and services with full transparency. The registry will offer basic to advance information on Gluten free product and services. The products will include both Indian and Imported varieties for your better knowledge. As responsible for the Registry of Gluten-Free products, NGFRC will capture minmum 5 attributes of the Gluten Free products and will aim to provide exhaustive information to consumers wherever possible. The registry data under "Verified" status will be directly reviewed and populated by Manufacturer/ Brand Owner/ Importer and will have high level of reliance for consumers with correct information. NGFRC will also focus on the certification of product on very strict parameter's in order to ensure adherence to local and global compliances of Gluten free products.

Further, without a doubt FQP will regularly conduct survey to identify which products are actually available in market for Gluten Free consumers. Gluten is present in foodstuffs but may also be present in certain medicines which will be covered in the future expansion because it is also an important factor as even small quantities of gluten may be dangerous for individuals with celiac disease, we would like to notify you about the specifics here. We need to work together to bring about change and to make medicines safe for everyone.


NGFRC project is supported by Foundation for Quality Promotion, a Delhi based not for profit company working in the field of quality promotion.