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Need of NGFRC

As the Gluten allergy is highlighted on rise in India nowadays, NGRFC is the one organisation which consumer needs.
Food labels are essential for a gluten-free food item, as it is necessary to know if the different ingredients and additives listed on a packaged product are gluten-free and if the item was prepared in a gluten-free setting.

Gluten can also be present during the manufacturing process as a result of cross – contamination. Moreover, if they come in contact with other gluten manufacturing stuff. It is very important for consumers to understand if they are consuming the right and balanced thing or not. For which, NGFRC will hold your hand.

In countries where gluten-free legislation has been laid down, manufacturers mark the food items accordingly which makes it easier for people with celiac disease to know if the product is safe to eat. (In February 2015 , the Government of India released a draft Gazette Notification concerning gluten and non-gluten foods). Currently, in the absence of gluten-free legislation, it is difficult for celiac people in India to understand which food items, food additives or label ingredients are safe to them. It is our intention to help you better understand these additives and we hope to bring you our conversation with leading experts in the food industry about the same. There have been many instances where the lack of awareness among Manufacturers with regards to FSSAI regulations on Gluten Free labelling has been recorded, which needs to be clear factor. At many levels NGRFC will ease up the purchase decision for Gluten free consumers by validating the information in this registry for further use.

The problems with Gluten in Food Items are as follows -

  • There are currently no gluten or common allergen labelling criteria found in product ingredients
  • Health care professionals don't recognise potential sources of gluten in medicines
  • There are no certain precautions for individuals with celiac disease in labelling

It can be difficult to get answers about gluten in the products you choose to buy. Your best sources of information are your seller, manufacturers, physician, pharmacist and the drug. Nevertheless, there are several lists available online, it is highly important that you double check any statements made on the internet with those listed above to make sure your prescription is actually gluten-free. .NGFRC would help you incur all factors in one go!

Also, due to the lack of awareness among consumers regarding availability of Gluten Free products and services organisations like NGRFC plays an essential role to raise warned among masses. Now a days, Even the fitness conscious /healthcare experts are recommending Gluten Free diet to non-allergic consumers for better health and in which NGRFC will help consumers for selecting the right choice of products.